Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity in McLennan County, TX Through the Creative Arts Scene

The creative arts scene in McLennan County, TX is a vibrant and diverse one that celebrates the unique culture of the area and promotes inclusivity. To ensure that a variety of quality artwork is selected and installed as part of Waco's new development plan, Creative Waco and the City of Waco have taken a strategic approach to public art. This includes a survey open to all members of the Waco community, giving them a chance to comment on the artistic development of their city. The survey is available in both Spanish and English. In addition to the survey, Creative Waco has also organized pop-up events across the city to promote it.

These events are led by local artists and activists, such as Tashita Bibles and Chris McGowan, who are working together to create a thriving artistic community in Waco. The city has also taken steps to invest in its musical heritage by launching a series of free live music events on the East Side of Wilmington. This will help reshape community identity, stimulate civic engagement, and inspire economic growth. The alliance was originally organized under the auspices of the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce about five years ago. It served as an ad hoc group to discuss shared artistic concerns, objectives, artistic entrepreneurship, and the viability of a performing arts center or multi-art venue.

An art agency can do the work of supporting infrastructure, such as creating a cultural plan, helping to coordinate joint projects and obtain joint funding, as well as obtaining state and federal funding for the growth of the arts. The creative arts scene in McLennan County, TX is an integral part of its culture and identity. By taking steps to promote diversity and inclusivity through public art projects, surveys, pop-up events, and investments in its musical heritage, Waco is ensuring that its citizens have access to quality artwork that they can be proud of.