Exploring the Creative Arts Scene in McLennan County, TX: Enhancing Education for Kids

A comprehensive education is essential for the 21st century workforce, and the arts can play a major role in fostering creativity, innovation, and self-confidence. Studies have shown that art education can reach students who don't learn well through traditional methods, increasing school attendance, civic engagement, and decreasing antisocial behavior. The Texas Arts Commission (TCA) provides resources to help schools include the arts in their curricula. Ballroom Marfa is a non-profit cultural space dedicated to presenting outstanding and avant-garde artists working in the visual arts, performance, film and music.

It has become a hub of artistic activity in the region, offering a vibrant, festive atmosphere to Marfa's established art scene. McLennan Community College's Visual Arts Department seeks to offer appropriate visual arts experiences and classes for students who want to pursue a degree in visual arts. Jason Bly, adjunct professor of art at Wichita Falls Midwest State University, is an expert in the trompe l'oeil style. This very realistic artistic style allows us to perceive three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface.

The North Texas Institute for Visual Arts Educators (NTIEVA) provides quality professional development experiences in comprehensive arts education, museum education, technology training, arts promotion, and leadership development. Marfa art galleries invite visitors to discover local, national and international talent. Art Blackburn is a world-class gallery specializing in tribal fine art with nearly 40 years of experience conserving rare treasures from around the world. Waco Art Center Art Learning Arts in Education Creative Classical MusicWaco Cultural Arts Waco CWCW Family Activities Jubilee Theater Live Music LoveWaco Spring Break Spring Break Theater Visual Arts Waco Waco Waco Waco Waco Waco Symphony Orchestra Waco Wacotx Wacotx WacoWonderland are some of the places where children can learn about art history in an engaging context and develop skills to create art using media such as painting, watercolor, oil pastels and mixed media. Heidi Hornik, director of the art and art history department at Baylor University, believes it only takes one painting to start a collection.

The Texas Cultural Trust has developed an TEA-approved curriculum called Art and Media Communications that focuses on teaching ninth-grade students 21st century work skills in the creative media arts. The Studio in the Elementary School (SITES) also offers a children's gallery with works of art developed by them. By participating in Cultural Arts Events (CAEs) sponsored by Baylor University, students will gain cultural literacy, critical thinking skills, social skills, human empathy and arts sponsorship. Marfa's art museums and spaces invite visitors to think big and explore minimalism.

In addition to providing transfer curriculum opportunities for university students to improve their participation in the visual arts or achieve superior achievement, the Department also seeks to recruit students and faculty who contribute to a high level of visual arts activity for the Department, the University and the community.