Unleashing Creativity in McLennan County, TX: Public Art Projects in Progress

Are you looking for the best way to express your artistic side? Unleash your creativity in McLennan County, TX with the team at Hammer & Stain Waco. With a variety of sessions in their painting studio and sips, you can create a work of art you'll cherish forever. From private craft parties to DIY workshops for kids, there's something for everyone in this warm and comfortable carpentry studio. You may have seen Bibles and McGowan at the Food Truck Showdown or Chalk Waco, where people were encouraged to take part in Waco's public art plan.

Amanda Dyer, director of public art and development at Creative Waco, is leading the project in collaboration with the Forecast team. Tashita Bibles, a Waco artist and mentor for Creative Waco's ArtPrenticeShip program with a thriving company called Artist-N-U, and Chris McGowan, urban planner, interim director of City Center Waco and a member of the Creative Waco board of directors, are working together to organize pop-up events across the city to promote the survey. The Luminary Spirit is a public art collection of six illuminated metal sculptures located on I-35 between 4th and 5th Streets. It tells unique stories about Waco and is an example of the incredible public art projects that are currently underway in McLennan County. The second goal is to make the most of the opportunities and resources available to create an attractive and representative public art landscape that the entire Waco community can enjoy and be proud of. Explore more than 18 categories to connect with creative individuals, organizations, and businesses in Waco and McLennan County.

Art has a very powerful impact, but it's been really surprising to see the participation and response of the community - the number of people who really care about art and want more in their neighborhoods. The public art map is an interactive map that highlights murals and other public artworks that anyone can view for free in and around downtown Waco. Available in Spanish and English, the questionnaire is open to all members of the Waco community and provides a unique opportunity for all citizens to express their opinion on the artistic development of their city. With the current boom in development in Waco, Creative Waco and the City of Waco realized that demand for public art is about to reach an all-time high. While Waco already has some solid processes in place for developing public art, resulting in successful partnerships to create community-supported murals and privately funded projects, it became clear that future public art projects would require a more strategic approach. Creative Waco partners with the City of Waco, McLennan County, community partners and stakeholders to facilitate public art projects to promote the Waco Cultural Plan. People like Bibles, Solanki, McGowan, Salinas and Dyer - activists, advocates, community members, and artists - will help shape creative expression in the Waco community for years to come.