Unlock the Creative Arts in McLennan County, TX

As the art agency of Waco and McLennan County, Creative Waco is dedicated to developing successful strategies to grow and support our cultural and creative community. It provides a platform for joint thinking, allowing community members to set goals, access new funding, assess impact and identify needs. If you'd like to learn more about some of the programs available in our network, read on to discover how you can get involved, learn, or volunteer. The Waco-McLennan County Library offers a wide range of programs and services to the community at each of its locations.

Any organization or initiative based in McLennan County that has arts and culture as part of its mission is eligible for funding, but grants must result in the generation of new works or artistic programs. Creative Waco also provides grants to local organizations and initiatives that promote the arts, as well as educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about the creative arts. The library hosts events such as art exhibitions, film screenings, and performances. It also provides access to a variety of resources related to the creative arts. Classes on topics such as painting, drawing, photography, music, theater, and more are also available. In addition to Creative Waco and the Waco-McLennan County Library, there are several other organizations that provide support for the creative arts in McLennan County.

The Arts Council of Waco is a nonprofit organization that works to promote the arts in the community through events such as art shows, concerts, and workshops. The Brazos Valley Arts Council is another nonprofit organization that provides grants and other resources for local artists. The city of Waco also offers several programs that support the creative arts. These include an Artist-in-Residence program that provides artists with studio space and access to resources; a Cultural Arts Grant program that provides funding for projects related to the creative arts; and an Arts Education program that provides educational opportunities for students interested in learning more about the creative arts. The community of McLennan County is committed to supporting the creative arts. Through organizations such as Creative Waco, the Waco-McLennan County Library, the Arts Council of Waco, and the Brazos Valley Arts Council, as well as programs offered by the city of Waco, there are numerous opportunities for those interested in learning more about or participating in the creative arts. Whether you're looking for ways to get involved with local art initiatives or just want to learn more about what's available in McLennan County, there are plenty of resources available.

From grants and educational opportunities to events and classes, there's something for everyone who wants to explore their creativity.